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Introducing, The Fashion Kidd.
This young lady is a new and emerging fashion / lifestyle blogger. Definitely put her on your watch list. She is based out of Ottawa and her and her twin sister just happen to be my best friends.

Her blog is truly a reflection of her passions and is a great read if you're into vintage fashions or if you are interested in learning more about consignment or thrift shops. She also posts delicious recipes (the pumpkin curry is to die for) and she also posts a great deal of outfits.

Our friendship began when we were in grade nine (2005 - so eight years ago). Laura and I do pretty much everything together, from eating to shopping, we even work together. Although we became friends in 2005, we really met in 2003. I moved schools and she was in my homeroom and I kid you not, I still remember what she was wearing that day. I have the worst memory, but I I can still picture her sitting at a round desk wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. I guess her fashion sense stood out to me even then. She was a bit preppy, loving brands like Parasuco and rocking Adidas shoes, and that was the year I started my ~emo~ phase. Ah, grade seven. We've both grown up a lot since then, and both of our styles have evolved a great deal.
TOP: After Laura's college graduation BOTTOM: After our high school graduation
I'm unsure of who took either of these pictures.

I would definitely describe her style as eccentric - she is drawn to anything one of a kind or vintage. She has what she calls "the eye" while thrift shopping, which she describes as the ability to "skim through an entire thrift store and pick up the cream of the crop". (She did a post about it here) I honestly don't know how she does it, she can walk into the worst thrift store imaginable and find complete gems. Although she is constantly inspired by vintage styles, she also adores modern and designer pieces as well.

taken by Lisa Kidd

She is an inspiration to me because I am constantly learning from her. Our styles are very different and I believe that it benefits the both of us a great deal. When shopping together we pick out pieces for each other that we may not have noticed before and we introduce each other to styles or designers we may have overlooked. We are both very daring with our styles but in different ways, and I believe that creates some sort of wonderful balance. 

All pictures were taken by me, unless other wise stated.

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  1. Amazingly written post, Rose! Your style is a huge inspiration to me too. You are so fearlessly fierce and it helps me to be take more fashion risks. I can't believe how long we've been friends. I am so blessed to have a friend like you and I know we'll be dressing fabulously even at age 105!